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You are about to purchase LAPWARE for Deck Officers.  If you want this program continue. The program costs are:

Only $150 for the first month and $100 a month thereafter! (Price change effective as of September 1, 2012).  You will have access 24-7 for the following 30 days via the Internet.  PLEASE go to the DOWNLOAD menu option in the BROWN bar across the top of your screen after logging in and download those files and reference materials which will aid you is how to use and study with LAPWARE for your license exam.  Additional reference manuals will be added as we scan and process them.  These files are all NON-COPYRIGHTED materials and if you were to purchase them it would cost you many HUNDREDS of dollars.  LAPWARE provides these, and other unique references, included in the cost of your license purchase.

PLEASE READ THE LICENSE AGREEMENT BELOW.  You must provide your credit card information for each additional 30 days of usage.  You will NOT be automatically billed.  You can skip months if you are out to sea or attending classes or on vacation, etc.  When you come back after your initial 30 consecutive days has expired just log in and you will be notified that you need to pay for the next 30 consecutive days of usage.  LAPWARE is not sold on a daily or weekly basis but rather on a monthly license to individuals.  If you have 12 months of inactivity on your license all files are DELETED.

LAPWARE never keeps track of a user's credit card number NOR does LAPWARE automatically bills for the next 30 days of usage.  You will be able to skip one or more months and come back only paying for the next 30 days of usage upon again providing your credit card information.  After completion of your study and successfully passing your exam, if LAPWARE is no longer being used, you will NOT continue to be billed!  

If you don't use LAPWARE and do not provide your credit card you will NEVER be charged for a month of non-usage. Your LAPWARE license is only valid for 12 months from the original date of purchase.  PLEASE READ THE LICENSE AGREEMENT BELOW.  If you wish your files to be deleted after you have passed your license exam simply email the program administrators providing your login name and password and all records of your study, tests, etc. will be erased.

ALL of Rules of the Road, Deck General, Navigation General, Navigation Problems (except chart plots - which are being worked on) and Safety math problems have been properly solved and posted showing the needed reference tables so that the user understands fully how the problem was solved.  NO ONE ELSE takes the time to provide this detailed reference information to their users.  If we find that the solution is NOT close enough to the NMC answer the question is protested to the NMC.  In well over 99% of the time, LAPWARE protested NMC questions have been either archived or corrected.  LAPWARE authors have an excellent and trusted working relationship with the NMC.  It is the NMCs database but we are doing our best to make sure that it remains as accurate as possible.

When the National Maritime Center releases or updates their database LAPWARE will determine all newly added questions, deleted questions and modified questions for ALL five books.  We then develop a list of these changes and provide them to our users in an Excel spreadsheet by posting them on our DOWNLOAD page.  Once all new questions are categorized, we post them within the LAPWARE program.  None of our competitors come close to having this capability.  This is accomplished by a special program developed and written by Richard Plant to perform the analysis of the newly released database and works with analyzing BOTH deck and/or engine NMC database releases.  It is hoped that in the very near future, an Engineering questions database will be available for LAPWARE study as well.

Maritime schools purchasing LAPWARE for 20 or more students to use on a yearly basis will receive an excellent discount.  Contact the authors for a price quote.





By the purchase of an individual LAPWARE license, you agree that access to the LAPWARE program will be used by only YOU. 

You agree NOT to distribute your login name and password to anyone else.  If found to be doing so, you accept that your license will be deactivated by the LAPWARE administrator with NO NOTICE and with NO REFUND being provided.  Also, there will be no recourse to get your license re-established because you authorize the LAPWARE administrator permission to delete all files associated with your original LAPWARE license.  YOU AGREE THAT YOU MUST THEN PURCHASE A NEW LAPWARE LICENSE, paying the "yearly" set-up fee and monthly cost to use LAPWARE.  If continued misuse of LAPWARE is detected you might be denied permission to use the software.

Your initial purchase of your LAPWARE license is valid for ONLY ONE YEAR

You agree that after twelve (12) months, from your original date of purchase, LAPWARE program administrator are authorized to permanently delete all files, tests, login name and password associated with your original license!

The ONLY way to maintain your license past the twelve (12) month period is to notify the LAPWARE administrator who will then charge a fee of $200 for continual usage of the program allowing you to maintain all files, tests, etc.  Therefore, anyone renewing their monthly license, and has been using LAPWARE for more than one year, should immediately contact the program administrator via email OR risk the loss of all files.

If you wish a refund you should contact RICHARD PLANT directly at either rm.plant@verizon.net or rm.plantmd@gmail.com. Not doing so and requesting a CHARGE BACK through your bank or credit card service will COST YOU a fee of $25. You agree upon purchasing LAPWARE to pay this fee under ALL CONDITIONS - NO EXCUSES or LIMITATIONS, if you first DO NOT contact Richard Plant for a refund for justifiable reasons. Justifiable reasons presented within the FIRST FEW DAYS of your purchase should be presented and that will determine whether your refund will be provided. ANYONE purchasing a LAPWARE renewal for a second month WILL NEVER be approved for a chargeback refund. After the first month's usage, you should know what you have purchased and to now request a refund or charge back is NOT justifiable. Purchasing DECK when you wanted ENGINE or vice versa is a justifable reason for a refund but ONLY within the first few days of purcahse, based upon limited logins and usage of the software and by first contacting Richard Plant to receive your full refund. Taking the approach of FIRST going through your Credit Card or Bank for the refund, if it is agreed to be paid by LAPWARE you will be charged a $25 fee for such action and this will be deducted from the overall cost you paid. A copy of this LICENSE AGREEMENT will be provided to your bank as proof of your willingness to pay the $25 fee. You hereby agree to pay this $25 cost if you take such actions. So please contact Richard Plant if you have any concerns about using LAPWARE.


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