Features for Instructors

Exam Templates

Instructors can create exams either based upon predefined USCG templates for a specific module for license exam levels or from an exam template they design. There is no limit to the number of USCG exams or instructor template exams that the instructor can create. Your subscription to LAPWARE allows 24/7 access to this Internet-based program.

An exam template can only be edited by a course instructor creating the template for a specific university or school. The tests generated from a template can be a real test or a study test. A real test can only be taken once and its grade cannot be changed once submitted. A study test can be taken multiple times. And with our recently added retake wrong feature, mariners can eliminate correctly answered questions and concentrate on those questions they answered incorrectly.

When ready, the exam can be activated on the Internet for the students to take. Upon completion of the exam, and submission of the answers, the student will immediately see the results and will not be able to change the score that is posted for the instructor to review.

Templates and Tests

Templates and tests developed from the templates, can be modified as desired by the instructor in numerous way. They can randomly replace a question from the same category as the original question, select a specified USCG question, select a category of questions to add to the exam or generate a blank test and add specific USCG questions as desired. Furthermore, a copy of the test the instructor creates can be saved for future use and printed for hard copy use in the class exam along with an answer sheet. Test questions and answer sheet can be scrambled so that the same test with different ordered questions can be distributed.

LAPWARE generated exams meet all of the standards prescribed for USCG course approval. LAPWARE has uniquely developed License Exam Templates that instructors can use to develop what has been determined to be as accurate a sample of the USCG exam as is possible. These License Templates can be selected by the students to allow themselves to study just the questions that their license exam will be drawn from. They always have the capability of reviewing all of the questions in the database pool and this is strongly encouraged to be the way to use LAPWARE in preparing for ones license exam.

LAPWARE allows the instructor to review weaknesses of an individual student, as well as an entire class, to see where either the students are weak or the instructor is weak. If all of the students are getting a particular question wrong it may be the result of either it being a poor question or a subject not studied by the students or a subject not adequately taught by the instructor.


Various reports can be generated displaying information about students as well as the Coast Guard database of questions to better aid the instructor in doing their job more efficiently and effectively. Just imagine, students reviewing questions and each having the full and proper solution (with reference material when available) at their fingertips, rather than having to constantly ask the instructor. Students will learn at a faster rate and will be more efficient with the use of their time thus accomplishing more, learning more and, hopefully, getting better grades on their USCG license exam.