Features for Students

Getting Started

After logging in, it is recommended that you go to the menu at the top of your screen and get the instruction sheets outlining the correct use of LAPWARE in preparation for your exam. Use the review questions screen in LAPWARE to study and prepare for your exams. Simply taking sample tests will not adequately cover the number of questions you might be exposed to on the exam. The review questions screen within LAPWARE will show you the new questions since the last release of information by the NMC.

Study Mode

LAPWARE, when used in study mode, records the number of times each question has been answered as well as the score achieved on each question. LAPWARE also records your overall grade for all questions answered. Students have the capability of reviewing all of the questions in a section or by setting up to four levels of category filters. By filtering questions, you are able to study, train, and test your skill on a limited set of questions. This gives you a chance to improve your knowledge is a specific area.

If the wrong answer is selected, the background turns red and the correct answer background turns green. If the correct answer is selected, the background turns green.  A record of your score is maintained as you progress through the questions. You can review which questions have not yet been answered, and any questions that were incorrectly answered using the review wrong feature in LAPWARE.

LAPWARE allows you to identify and concentrate on individual weaknesses and sharpen your knowledge and skills. Working at your own pace, you can use LAPWARE to study for your original license or upgrade to a higher level license.

Training Mode

In training mode, LAPWARE will highlight the correct answer background in green enabling you to study the questions and the correct answer. Grades are not recorded in the training mode.

Testing Mode

When LAPWARE is used in testing mode, the background of the selected answer will be highlighted in grey. After review of the desired questions, you can enable study mode and review which questions were answered correctly and incorrectly, and see your final grade. You can reset the scoring at any time and study the questions until the skill or desired level of knowledge is mastered.

The authors painstakingly reorganized the sequence of the examination questions into clear cut categories for each of the five engine disciplines. The objective of this effort is to provide the license candidate with quick access to definitive areas of required expertise in order to accelerate systemic study and stimulate cognitive learning.


All USCG diagrams and solutions, as well as many references are built into the program. References in the public domain are stored as PDF files are available for users to download and reference on or offline.  Our goal is to have all of the mathematical solutions displayed in the program for every question requiring computations—no matter how simple or complex. The first solution in a series is detailed in its explanation to more adequately explain how to properly solve the problem.

The LAPWARE authors are working diligently to develop the most common and practical mathematical solutions for all questions. Those questions containing errors will be pointed out to the National Maritime Center (NMC). Many USCG-NMC questions contain similar question stems with different answers or distracters, and these exist in LAPWARE. Most, but not all, duplicate questions (identical questions and answers) have already been eliminated after notification by the LAPWARE authors to the NMC.

The NMC has expressed a desire to eventually generate computer based tests that mariners would take in the exam room, which would be instantly graded. LAPWARE has been doing this since 2004, that’s over 10 years and counting. Mariners can quickly see references to the question, a solution, and a diagram if applicable to the question.


LAPWARE reports may be generated to highlight subject matter areas where you may have some weaknesses. Other reports (diagram and category) allow you to more efficiently and effectively spend your time preparing for the exam. After all, isn’t this your main goal in studying for your license exam? LAPWARE makes this easy. Each of the USCG-NMC book sections work in an identical fashion reducing the learning curve and allowing you to concentrate on studying subject matter, questions, solving problems and moving forward towards achieving your goal—successfully passing the license exam.

Retry Test Questions

A new feature added in 2013 and 2014 is the re-take wrong option which allows you to review questions you answered incorrectly and attempt to properly answer the questions. This works in both the review questions screen and on the study test screen. On a real test, you can only take the test once so there is no opportunity to review incorrect questions.

Recently added, the capability to generate templates allows mariners to generate their own templates from which randomly generated tests can be generated with an answer sheet. There are two limits. First, the number of tests that can be generated at a time is one. The second test will overwrite the first test and answer sheet which is allowed to be printed or saved to one’s hard drive before generating the second test. Second, the maximum number of questions that can be created in a student generated test is 100 questions.

Ongoing Development

The LAPWARE authors will continue to make improvements as necessary to assist mariners with their studying. LAPWARE Study Aids is another recent product. For more information, please visit www.lapware-studyaids.org. The authors wish each of you success on your USCG license exam and a long, safe career at sea.