License Agreement


You are purchasing an individual LAPWARE license (such as through or under the authority of a school) and you agree that access to the Copyrighted LAPWARE program will be used by only you. You agree not to distribute your login name and password to anyone else. LAPWARE has the capability of tracking login IP addresses with locations, user names and login names. If you are found to have multiple logins at the same time on two different computers, you accept that your license will be deactivated with no notice and no refund will be provided. Also, there will be no recourse to get your license re-established because you authorize the program administrator’s permission to delete all your files associated with your original license. A purchase of a new license, paying the initial cost and setup fees to use LAPWARE, will be required.

However, with your individual license, or license purchased under the authority of a licensed school, you are authorized to be able to login to LAPWARE from any computer in the world. Remember, that you must load Adobe Acrobat Reader as found on the system requirements page prior to logging in.

Your initial purchase of your LAPWARE license is valid for 30 days and cost $150. LAPWARE does not record all credit card information. Future monthly purchases, at $100 per month (30 days), are solely based upon you and when you want to renew your next 30 days of access. LAPWARE does not automatically bill your credit card—you must provide it for each 30 days of usage. We allow students/mariners to skip one or more days, weeks or months based upon the fact that they are on vacation, at sea or just not ready to study. When ready, simply login to LAPWARE and, if your last 30 days of usage has expired, you will be asked whether or not you wish to purchase your next 30 days. We try to make this as beneficial to users as is possible. If your last login was more than 12 months your files are automatically deleted.

You agree that after twelve (12) months of inactivity on your LAPWARE license, LAPWARE program administrators are authorized to permanently delete all files, tests, login name and password associated with your original license! Upon completion of your study and passing your exam you can notify the LAPWARE administrators and we will delete all of your files and records for you, if desired.

As a reminder, upon purchasing LAPWARE, please go to the DOWNLOAD menu option, in the menu bar across the top of your screen, and download, print or view files that tell you how to use and study for your license exam using LAPWARE. Also, since you only know when you will be sitting for your credential exam, please try to schedule your purchase(s) of LAPWARE, sold ONLY on a 30 day basis, to cover the period when you will be sitting for your credential exam so that access to the program will be available for review/study in the evenings PRIOR to taking your exams.

LAPWARE, under all conditions, does NOT prorate the purchase of the software on a daily or weekly basis. After all, your successful completion of you passing your exam, and either acquiring your first license or your raise in grade, opens up the door for you to earn potentially additional thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars per year. It is not justifiable to request a prorated payback based upon your decision as to when you purchased LAPWARE. Thank you.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are any materials allowed to be distributed to others, including postings on other websites, that might post LAPWARE questions, answers, solutions or diagrams and their solutions for public usage. ALL of our material is COPYRIGHTED.

Upon the purchase of your LAPWARE or monthly renewal license, you hereby agree to the above LAPWARE license agreement.

March 19, 2018